North Banana River Dr Homes for Sale

Rams Canal Nestled amongst the finest wetland scenes that nature has to offer, East Merritt Island is but a brief distance to all of the modern conveniences and amenities urban life. Cape Canaveral hospital, Brevard County public schools, mega stores, restaurants, and shopping centers are all within a short radius of the eastern peninsula of Merritt Island.

East Merritt Island is a collection of developments located between Ulamay Wildlife Sanctuary and the Banana River. You can find access to this haven by way of the two causeways that lay on the north and south edges of the community. Once you enter East Merritt Island, you'll find hundreds of beautiful Florida homes arranged comfortably within the island's natural environment. Canals, creeks and river front give most homes in this area a waterfront appeal.

On the western side of East Merritt Island is the sanctuary. Waterfowl, mangrove trees with an abundance of Florida wildlife and aquatic inhabitants, fill this marshland with bright colors and soothing birds songs. If you find a suitable home to buy on this location, everyday life amongst the sights and sounds of the Ulamay, will be a constant reminder of the great decision you made when you purchased your home.

Across the narrow land mass of East Merritt Island, you could reside on the Banana River. Just as attractive, in any natural aspect, as it's counterpart on the western shore; the eastern edge of this island neighborhood is another prime location in which to live. The outdoors and water-sport lovers who choose a home here, can have instant gratification of a backyard dock on the river of one of the many access canals , that allow most every house a quick route to the river.

Central Canal

The main route through Eastern Merritt Island is Banana River Drive. Most neighborhood shopping for conveniences can be accomplished along this corridor, and what cannot be found here, can surely be obtained, just to the north or south, off the Bennett Causeway, or East Merritt Island Causeway.

Sykes Creek Parkway is an ideal road to travel from Central Merritt Island. This asphalt ribbon offers a scenic shortcut through the Ulamay. Feast your eyes on the oak hammocks, palm trees, and miles of untouched wetlands, as you get a tasty sample of what residing in East Merritt Island can be. At the entrance to East Merritt Island, visitors and residents are greeted by the main shopping district along Banana River Drive.

Although living on this part of Merritt Island would appear to be only for the wealthy, home prices range throughout many levels, due to the many variations of size, and age of the houses, that you will discover. Be sure to have your Merritt Island Cocoa Beach Homes agent search East Merritt Island with your qualifications and then make some appointments to visit these ideal homes.

Take advantage of today's buyer friendly real estate market, and get settled into a new home that offers both convenience and serenity, on the Space Coast of Florida.