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North Merritt Island

North Merritt Island Bald Eagle

Initially when someone thinks about being in North Merritt Island, they can't help but picture the enormity of the world famous Kennedy Space Center, and the vast area that it occupies. The remotely located launch facilities spread out along the Cape Canaveral and Atlantic coast. Sprawling through the dense Florida wilderness. Driving into the NASA base, you will get a gratuitous view of the Merritt Island Wildlife Conservation area, which covers well over ten thousand acres, that are surrounding the center. NASA offers several exhibits to both entertain, and educate curious visitors. Tourists arrive from all over the world, hoping to see a live launch and attend a tour of the Space Museum. They get a close up look at the shuttle, and other space ships that have traveled the heavens through recent history. After your visit to the space center, you may want to grab some binoculars and explore the huge wild life preserve, and take searching for some of North Merritt Islands many feathered friends. Thousands of varieties of birds live throughout the wetlands. Audubon Drive would surely be a good place to begin this adventure.

NMI residents enjoy the rural atmosphere and take advantage of rural zoning E.G. Horses, fishing, golf, outdoor lifestyle while being minutes from access to 528. Local citizens have organized the North Merritt Island Homeowners association, which has influence over most of the land north of the Barge canal, to Kennedy Space Center. They put a strong emphasis on maintaining the growth and development of the area to preserve the character of this unscathed environment.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve, covers miles and miles of area of the north island. To the west, Pine Island and to the south Ulamay conservation area. These parks are all home to the many members of the animal kingdom, and they share their home with the Florida natives who cherish the natural landscape of marsh lands and Oak hammocks.

North Merritt Island Real Estate

Traveling north on Courtney Parkway, there are many suburban communities with many well kept houses and lawns that are maintained with neighborhood pride. Many have docks accessing the river and canals, and many pools and backyard havens make these areas very attractive to anyone in the market to purchase a home. Drive even further northward and the stakes of land become larger and the well planned cul-de-sacs of upscale living blend in with the wilderness.

North Merritt Island is the perfect place to live for the nature lover or outdoor sportsman. On the outskirts of the busy cities and resort areas on the Space Coast, this little niche of Brevard county is a great get-away for those who recognize all the advantages of living in the country.

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