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When outsiders think of North Merritt Island, Kennedy Space Center is the first thing that comes to mind. For decades KSC has been the pride of this community, providing both spectacular rocket launches and educational exhibits. With all the science and splendor of this historic site, it’s easy to see why the Space Center makes North Merritt Island stand out among Space Coast towns. 

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But insiders know that there’s much more to North Merritt Island than originally meets the eye. Beyond all the flash and fame lies a realm of rare beauty unparalleled in the entire county. Hidden among the country roads that wind up to the NASA facilities, you’ll find an enormous area full of protected creatures and marsh vegetation. The North Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve and Ulamay Conservation Area provide not only a haven for flora and fauna species, but also a lovely getaway for hikers and bird watchers alike.

Taking a cue from the native surroundings, the North Merritt Island lifestyle is notably uncomplicated and provincial. Residents here have found that the rural location provides a sense of calm and privacy without compare. Most neighborhoods in North Merritt Island feature larger lots with plenty of mature trees, some with water views or river access. Fishing, hunting, golf, and equestrian hobbies are popular pastimes. If you’re looking for a more rustic locale with a convenient location, North Merritt Island can turn your dreams into reality. 

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