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The first step in selling anything is determining what the market value of the item is. Rather it be house, condo or land. We are happy to provide you with an initial, quick analysis for free, simply contact us with your information and we will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). This is the most thorough and accurate but we do offer the property valuation tool below.

The full CMA we do a brief walk-thru so we can research for comparables to determine a list price, we will regularly re-examine the area market for any changes so that we may best compete to obtain a timely sale. Regardless, we will follow your instructions on pricing and timing and are no more anxious than you to complete the sale. We work hard to sell your home for the price you want in the time frame you desire.

How much do you charge?

The question of cost is almost always one of the first! Before making a decision to use Florida East Coast Real Estate, or any company, consider the services provided.

There are a lot of fine agents out there who will provide services similar to ours. There is no set 'fee' for selling a property, but the services offered by each agent and company may differ a lot more than you think!

There are a host of factors that we take into consideration prior to quoting a fee for selling any property. Simply put, it is negotiable and it is not a set rate. Please contact us for more detailed information and a private discussion.

What are some of your services?

The are a many different ways to market a home. In our experience, no one way is the 'best'. We have a variety of items that we try and continue to try to sell your property. We discuss different ideas with you and we welcome any ideas you may have. Together, we will effectively market and sell your house for the highest possible price in the least amount of time.

We immediately put all listings into the Multple Listing Service (MLS) with a full color photo and complete information. Some  depend on support staff or tax records to get the photo and information entered. We put a complete listing on the date you  instruct  By being fully entered into MLS, the information is available to other real estate agents, distributed onto national web portals like, available as part of a search on any agents website who is part of IDX and available through other internet portals and print publications. Examples include yahoo finance, trulia, oodle and even craigslist.

In addition to the MLS, we provide attractive yard signage-similar to the colors of this website-and full color fliers in a box on the sign if that is part of our plan. The sign is provided immediately - not when a contractor receives the order and schedules it in and gets around to it in a few days or a week.

Our work is not complete until an acceptable contract has been received. We will try a variety of items to get the best response on the property including, but not limited to, advertising in local real estate publications, newspaper ads, neighborhood mailings, targeted mailings and more! None of these items will cost you anything extra as part of our regular services.

Will I get the same services with you as I would with a big national real estate company?

Yes and more! We are able to provide all the same effective services as a larger company. In fact, since we do not have any 'fees' to be part of a larger company, we are able to spend more of our money on advertising your property to get a quicker sale. We would be happy to examine the services you are promised by a larger company to ensure we are providing the same, if not superior, services.


We look forward to working with you.

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