Organization is trending across the nation, with shows such as “Tidying Up” ranking high on Netflix. Here in Brevard County, getting organized is truly an art form, especially with such a high percentage of condos and other smaller spaces. Many homeowners are choosing a life-giving location over an excess of square footage. And while being near the beach or river is worth giving up some extra space for many buyers, living in a smaller space can come with some challenges if not organized properly. Check out these top tips for “tidying up” your Space Coast condo or smaller home. 

Think Up

When organizing your stuff in a smaller space, don’t forget about the space above your head. Getting things up and off the floor is key to utilizing every inch to its fullest. In a smaller kitchen, it’s ideal to have cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling, even if those top shelves are out of reach. Use that space for things you don’t need on a daily basis, like party dishes, flower vases, or seasonal decor. If you don’t have ceiling-high cabinets, use the void in between to display some of your prettier kitchen items or even some of your classic book collection. Hooks and other hanging devices are also helpful in smaller spaces. Move pots and pans up to a ceiling rack. Keep pet supplies or crafting items in a series of hanging wall bins. Install hanging platforms in the garage or storage closet. Look up to tidy up!

Give Furniture Double Duty

Every piece of furniture in a small space should “earn its keep” by serving multiple purposes. In the living room, consider a storage ottoman or a pull out bed for guests. Using a trunk as a coffee table gives you a great place to stash those games and magazines. Inside bedrooms, a captain’s bed serves as both a sleeping space and a clothes dresser. Or you may want to purchase some lifts for a regular bed frame in order to slide tubs of out-of-season wardrobes underneath. Choose solid box stools for your breakfast bar or vanity in order to store linens and towels out of sight. 

Build In Functionality 

Sometimes a contractor (or a handy friend) might be the answer to all your small space dilemmas. Building custom shelves or cabinets into small nooks or angled walls helps to create usable space out of what would otherwise be wasted. Installing a pocket door can help to partition areas for greater functionality and free up space that may have been lost behind a traditional door. Creating attractive built-in cube storage may be the best way to organize a play area or office. When regular off-the-shelf furniture and organizing accessories aren’t working, building exactly what you need can enhance your current lifestyle and add value to your home for the future. 

Living in a beachside condo or cottage sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s well organized and tidy! Whenever you’re ready to elevate your quality of life in a smaller space, give our team at Coastal Life Properties a call. With extensive knowledge about the local market, we’re ready to make your dreams of simple, tidy Space Coast living come true!