5 Ways to Secure Your Home for Hurricane Season


June marks the beginning of the official hurricane season here in Brevard County. And though our most recent visitors, Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma, dropped in during the fall, it’s never too early to get prepared. Here are a few things that you can do to get your property ready should a storm make its approach.


1. Keep Trees Trimmed

Branches become projectiles that can puncture windows and screens when met by hurricane force winds. Instead of waiting for the weathermen to get in a frenzy, keep your trees neat and tidy all season. No one wants to start climbing a ladder when they’re preparing to hunker down. 


2. Fit and Label Your Window Coverings

If you’ve lived through a hurricane before, you know that covering all window openings is absolutely necessary…but man, can it be a pain! Of course the easiest (and most costly) option is installing impact resistant windows. But most people opt to go with hurricane panels or even plywood sheets to cover the openings. Ease your mind this hurricane season by pulling out your window coverings before it becomes crunch time. Use a permanent marker to label each panel’s location to avoid the “where does this piece go?” scenario right before a storm. 


3. Brace Garage Doors

Most people prepare well for window coverings, but many forget that garage doors are also a weak point in your home’s structure. Hurricane force winds can crumple a garage door faster than you can say Jim Cantore. While investing in a hurricane rated garage door is again the safest option, there are also many DIY solutions that serve to reinforce that vulnerable zone. Search online for videos and kits now so that your garage prep is simple if the time comes. 


4. Take Inventory

This tip is two-fold. First, take photos of each room of your home as well as any valuables you may have hidden away. That way if the worst should happen and your home is destroyed, you’ll have visual records for insurance purposes. Do it now because it’s likely you won’t be thinking about it when a storm is bearing down. Second, take inventory of your emergency kit. Make sure you have fresh water, flashlights, batteries, first aid items, etc. on hand. Find a complete list at ready.gov. 


5. Invest in a Backup Generator


To properly protect your appliances and perishable foods, you’ll want to square away your emergency power source now. During Hurricane Irma an entire pallet of generators would disappear in five minutes flat—the supply never meets the demand in the face of a storm. Instead of scrambling with the rest of the county, get your generator delivered early (and usually at a lower price!). 


Hurricane season is simply a reality here in Brevard County, but with proper preparations, it doesn’t have to be entirely stressful. Get your home secured early in the season so you can enjoy what we all love about this area—the usually WONDERFUL weather!